On the spring of 2015, two big earthquakes of 7.8 & 7.2 rector scale hit Nepal causing death of over 9,000 people and making over three million people homeless. This tragedy caused an economic loss of over $10 billion which was very devastating for already struggling country.


In the aftermath of the quake many teams from Nepal and all over the world started to distribute immediate relief items, i.e. tarps, tents, food, & sanitation items. A strong spirit of solidarity among individuals & organizations was born right away which was a reminder of the story of the mythological bird, the phoenix, rising again from the ashes of defeat. From this synergy and cooperation among concerned individuals was born TOGETHER FOR NEPAL registered with the Nepal Government and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council.



The earthquakes also exerted pressure to organize development programs in more sustainable manner, and together with local and international volunteers our newborn team started to follow the vision for the betterment of Nepal through running of various projects under different initiatives such as education, health, hygiene and cleanliness, infrastructure development, livelihood programs to improve the overall community living standard in rural areas and in the cities as well.



TOGETHER FOR NEPAL supports all the needy regardless  of their gender, caste & creed. We really need your support to build a better Nepal.

Our Vision

Empowered Nepalese communities implementing sustainable development practices.

Image of Our Mission

Our Mission

With love in action, TOGETHER FOR NEPAL brings people from every walks of life to build sustainable communities filled with hope.

Image of Our Mission