As per a recent United Nations Children’s Fund study, the child labor occurrence in Nepal is comparatively greater than other South Asian countries. Other studies indicate that Nepal has 34% of its children (age 5 – 14) as child labors, compared with 12 % in the South Asia region as a whole.


Thanks to the generous support from our community of sponsors, TOGETHER FOR NEPAL works in partnership with small local organizations & individuals on sponsorship programs for needy children to combat child labor issue. TFN aims to provide healthy & safe environment where children can grow in a balanced manner.


The featured image (below) is of Salina & Sandhya, two sisters of 9 & 8 years old respectively. Thanks to a regular sponsorship, they now have a family that loves & cares for them.





Director of the Orphanage that received Salina & Sandhya supported by Together for Nepal tells the story:-


“Dear Ones,

Thank you very much for your generous heart to rescue the two little girls. They are Salina Nepali & Sandhya Nepali. Salina is nine years, & she is elder sister. Sandhya is the younger sister, & she is eight years. They are from Sindhupalchowk, one of the most affected areas by the earthquake. Few years ago, their mother went away leaving the children with the father. The family was struggling for their survival and the girls were also doing labor work along with their father for the living. Because of poverty, they could not attend the school. Another sad thing came in their lives. They lost their father as well as their house at the time of earthquake. When they had their father and house, they at least had something. After they lost their father they didn’t have any one to take care and a place to take shelter. They belong to “untouchable caste”, so were treated very badly in the society. One handicapped man who lost his right leg in the earthquake saw theirs plight, had pity on them, and tried to help them. He tried to find their relatives in many places but didn’t find anyone that could keep them. The man was helpless to do anything for the girls. He himself was in handicap center then. By the Grace of God, he found us and shared the plight of the girls. I became very anxious for them and I really wanted to help them but I didn’t have any provision to help them. They were in my mind and prayer and that’s when God sent the volunteers from “Together for Nepal” in my place. I shared with them about the desperate cry of those two needy souls and they encouraged me to bring those girls in our place promising a regular pledge of help. It’s such a blessing that these children are now with us. They started to go to the school and are very happy to be with us. I don’t have any words to express my gratitude. Thank you so much for bringing happiness and change in their lives. May God abundantly bless you.”


We plead you, dear friends, that you consider helping us to support other children like Salina & Sandhya. With 30 euros per month, added to other sponsorships, you can help a child to have a better future. You can “adopt” a child from where you are, and we’ll keep you regularly informed about his/her growth and progress. Please contact us if you want more information concerning our Children Sponsorship Project.