Khokana is a small town situated in southern Kathmandu valley. Around its northern side, there is a small community comprised of thirty people from various districts displaced by the earthquake. The seven families of this community dwell in temporary shelters assembled of metal sheets & bamboos. They have been able to survive by sharing common expenses, and everybody is helping each other. The adults of the community work as laborers under daily wages basis, while the children go to a nearby government school. After the earthquake, TOGETHER FOR NEPAL and a Korean national had provided financial support to build shelters, to dig a well for water, and to bring the connection for the electrical line. Currently, we are helping some members of this community through weaving skill training as well as start up kits such as looms, thread, etc to start the small entrepreneurship right-away.


In order to raise the living standard of this deprived community, Together for Nepal further plans to execute a small project: KHOKANA LIVELIHOOD. The project components would include:- fisheries, poultry and green houses for agriculture to enhance the livelihood substantially. The beneficiaries would contribute their labor for various parts of the project, and of course any help from willing volunteers & donors is more then welcome.